Editing Your Header Image


This tutorial will walk you through in detail how to edit your header in Photoshop. If you're familiar with Photoshop and how to edit basic text, you probably don't need this tutorial.

1. In your theme file, open the "Header" folder. Click open the editable_header.psd file. If you have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements on your computer, the file should open automatically in one of those programs.

2. Let's take a look at our Photoshop window. You should have a layers box on the right side of PS. If it's not, go to Window and check "Layers." The Layers box looks like this:


3. In this example, we'll be using the header from our Hadley Rose theme.

4. To change the "Hadley Rose" text to your own blog title, first select the "Type" tool from the tools bar. It should already be visible in your Photoshop window, but if it's not, go to Window and check "Tools."


5. With the type tool active, hover your cursor over the "Hadley Rose" text and click. Make sure that you click directly on the text so you select the right area. The text should become underlined and the cursor will blink.

6. If you want the text to remain in two different colors, select only the "Hadley" text and replace it with the first part of your blog title. Then do the same for the latter half of your title with the "Rose" text. Not all of our themes have two-toned titles, but some do.

7. After you've updated your title, you can move onto your tagline. Do the same as in step 5. Select the type tool and click directly on the tagline text. Select all the text and replace it with your own tagline. Note: If you do not have a tagline you would like to use, you can remove it. Go to your Layers Palette and locate the tagline text layer. To the left of the layer title, there is a small eye. Click this to hide the layer.

8. When you're finished inserting your text into the header, go to File > Save As. Under Format, select "PNG" and then hit save. Upload it onto your blog following the instructions in the provided Installation Manual.



1. In this tutorial, we'll be using PicMonkey.com to edit your header without Photoshop. Note that you'll be limited to the fonts they provide. Other good free options include Pixlr Editor and Canva.

2. Go to PicMonkey.com and click on "Edit a Photo." Locate the header folder within your theme file. Open the "blank_header.png" file. This is what you'll be editing.

3. Once you've loaded the image, go to the Text tool. Online programs only have a select number of fonts, so chances are you won't find the exact font that we used in the theme. Scroll through the fonts to find something similar that you would like to use and select it.

4. All programs are set up a little different, but in PicMonkey you'll just click "Add Text" at the top of the fonts list. It will create a text box that you can then edit - change size, color, etc.

5. Once you've added your title and optional tagline to the header, click "Save" at the top and save the file as a PNG. Then upload it onto your blog by following the instructions in your Installation Manual.