Create an admin user for support

When submitting a support ticket on our website, you'll be asked to provide the login information for your WordPress dashboard so we can better assist you.

If you don't want to share the username and password that you personally use to log in (we totally understand!), you can easily create a new user account just for support purposes. You can delete the user account after your issue is solved.

How to create a user account for support

1. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Users > Add New.

2. Under Username, type "support" or whatever other username you'd like.

3. Under Email, put our email address: support (at)

4. IMPORTANT: Please uncheck "Send User Notification."

Why? If we receive a user notification, it forces us to create a password on your site within a certain number of hours. If we miss that timeframe, it locks us out of your site, and we'll have to ask you to reset it. This can significantly delay the support process. Be sure to uncheck that box :)

5.  IMPORTANT: Under Role, select "Administrator."

Why? Administrator is the only option that will give us access to the theme areas of your site, so the role must be set to Administrator. Your own user will still remain an Administrator. If the role is not set to Administrator, the support process will be delayed as we'll need to ask you to change the role.

6. A strong password will be automatically generated. Click the "Show" button and copy the password that is shown. Click Add New User.

7. Paste the password in the "WordPress Password" field on the Support Ticket form (or in an email to us if we have requested your login credentials via email). Put the username in the "WordPress Username" field on the Support Ticket form.