Blogger: Photobucket Broken Images

In 2017, Photobucket suddenly disabled all third-party linking. Unless users pay exorbitant fees, Photobucket no longer allows image hosting, as they have for over 14 years. If interested, you can read about the controversy  here.

Photobucket was once the go-to image hosting service for bloggers and was widely used by the blogging community, particularly sites. Therefore it's what we always recommended you to use when setting up your sidebar "about me" photo. Photobucket was also used to host background images and social icons in some of our older Blogger Templates.

Fixing your sidebar photo

If your sidebar photo is now missing, you can simply upload your photo to a new hosting service and replace the Photobucket image link with your new image link. We recommend  Post Image or Imgur. If you no longer have the instructions or code for the sidebar code, click here.

Other missing template images

Our Blogger templates were retired from our shop in 2017. As of 2020, we no longer offer support for Blogger templates. We recommend switching to a different template, or moving your site to WordPress.