Peony - Alternate Homepage Options

The Peony theme features three additional widget areas that are not used in the demo. They are:

  • Above Header – This widget area displays above your header/logo on ALL pages. Recommend usage: subscription widget or advertisement banner
  • Below Header – This widget area displays below your header/logo on the front page ONLY. Recommended usage: image slider, featured post, or subscription widget
  • Above Footer – This widget area displays above the site footer on ALL pages. Recommend usage: subscription widget or advertisement banner

Homepage Configuration Ideas

The extra widget areas in the Peony theme make it easy to customize your site and make it your own. Here are some ideas of what you could create!

1. Subscription widget above blog (click for preview)

2. Image Slider above blog (click for preview)

3. Image Slider + Subscription Widget above blog (click for preview)

4. Featured Post widget above posts (click for preview)

1. Subscription widget

Configure your subscription widget following these instructions. Place the Genesis eNews Extended widget in the Below Header widget area.

2. Image Slider

1. Install and activate Meta Slider.

2. Click the Meta Slider tab at the bottom left of your dashboard.

3. Click the "+" button to create a new slider.

4. Set your slider width to 1040px and whatever height you choose. Remove slider navigation and arrows if desired.

5. Upload your images for the slider and click Publish.

6. Go to Appearance > Widgets. Drag a Meta Slider widget into the Below Header widget area.

7. Select the slider you created from the drop-down menu. Save.

3. Image Slider + Subscription widget

Just combine #1 and #2 above! Both can go in the same widget area (Below Header).

4. Featured Post widget

Drag a Genesis - Featured Posts widget into the Below Header widget area. Configure the settings as seen below:

Tip: If you want to feature a specific post, give that post its own special category and select that category in the Genesis Featured Post widget settings.