Ivy - Galleries Page

The  Galleries page in the Ivy theme adds a fun, unique way to introduce your site visitors to your Portfolio.

Set up galleries page

If you imported the demo content, a Galleries page will have already been set up for you, so you can skip steps 1-2.

1. Create a new page and name it Galleries (or whatever you'd like).

2. On the right, find the Template section and select "Featured Page." Publish the page.

3. Go to Appearance > Widgets.

4. Drag a Genesis Featured Page Advanced (GFPA) widget into the Featured Page widget area. Configure as shown below:

5. Add two more GFPA widgets to the Featured Page widget area and configure similarly to above.

In the demo, the three 'gallery' images link to Portfolio types. These links are placed in the "Custom Page Link" field in the GFPA widgets.




For an explanation of what Portfolio types are and how to use them, refer to this article.