Vivienne - Lead Capture Page

The Vivienne theme features a custom lead capture page. It's perfect for collecting signups or offering opt-in freebies.

The signup form in the demo uses Mailchimp. In this tutorial we'll show you how to configure the page with Mailchimp, but you can use any mailing list service that offers embedded forms.

Creating the Lead Capture Page

1. Create a new page on your site.

2. In the right-hand column under Template, select "Lead Capture."

3. Find the "Visual" and "Text" tabs at the top right corner of the content box. Select "Text" mode.

4. Paste the following code in the content box:

5. Fill in your own heading and text. Replace image with your own image.

Adding Mailchimp Signup Form

1. Log into your Mailchimp account and go to the Lists tab at the top.

2. Find the list you want to use and click the down arrow on the right side. Choose Signup Forms.

3. On the Signup Forms page, go to Embedded Forms > Unstyled.

4. Copy the code in the code box.

5. Return to your WordPress dashboard and paste the code in the lead capture page where it says PASTE YOUR SIGNUP FORM CODE HERE. Publish page.

Gutenberg Option

Here's how to set up the Lead Capture page with Gutenberg:

1. Create a new page on your site.

2. In the right-hand column, find Page Attributes > Template. Select the "Lead Capture" template.

3. Click the blue plus icon (+) in the top left corner of the editor and insert a Columns block.

4. Click the blue plus icon (+) in the left column inside the Columns block. Insert an image block and select your image.

5. Click the blue plus icon (+) in the right column inside the Columns. Insert a Custom HTML block and paste the code found at this link:

6. Add your Mailchimp signup form to the HTML where it says PASTE YOUR SIGNUP FORM CODE HERE. Publish the page.