Setting Up Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is our favorite contact form plugin and it's what we recommend for our WordPress themes.

We're often asked how Ninja Forms works, how to set up email notifications, how to add additional fields, etc. Ninja Forms has a wonderful documentation area on their website that goes over everything you need to know about the plugin! Below we'll go over common questions we receive, and where to find the answers on the Ninja Forms website.

What is Ninja Forms?

Ninja Forms is a powerful, free form creation tool for WordPress. The plugin features an easy to use drag-and-drop form builder, making it super easy for beginners to create beautiful forms on their website. Ninja Forms is incredibly versatile and can be used for lots of different kinds of forms, ranging from simple contact forms to complex information collection forms. There are no limits to how many forms you can create. We love this plugin so much that it's what we trust for our own website – our installation form is a great example of a complex form built with Ninja.

Click here to learn more about Ninja Forms.

How to set up email notifications

Contact form submissions are stored in your WordPress dashboard at Ninja Forms > Submissions > Contact Form. If you'd like to receive notifications of form submissions at your email address, here are instructions from Ninja Forms.

Creating new forms or customizing an existing form

A contact form will already be set up for you when you install Ninja Forms. To learn how to create new forms or add additional fields to your existing form(s),  click here.

Troubleshooting Ninja Forms

The most common issue with Ninja Forms is notification emails not being delivered.  Here's a detailed article on how to troubleshoot that issue.

Have any additional questions about Ninja Forms?

Since we are not the developers of Ninja Forms, we are unable to offer support for their plugin. Ninja Forms has a quick, helpful support team available right here.