My images aren't displaying at the correct size

Every 17th Avenue calls for new image/thumbnail sizes. When you first install your theme, you'll want to regenerate your thumbnails so your images get resized into those new image sizes. For most websites, regenerating thumbnails will fix any inconsistent image sizes.

If that doesn't work...

If you already regenerated your thumbnails and some of your images still aren't displaying at the right size, it's most likely because your images are too small. Images will only be resized by the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin if the image is larger than the designated image size. I.e., the plugin is not going to "stretch" your images to fit into the image sizes.

Here's an example. Let's say the image size that the theme calls for is 700px (wide) by 1000px (tall). Your image must meet BOTH dimensions to be resized. That means...

  • If your image is 500px (wide) by 1500px (tall), it won't regenerate.
  • If your image is 700px (wide) by 700px (tall), it won't regenerate.
  • If your image is 1000px (wide) by 1000px (tall), it WILL regenerate. Yay!
  • If your image is 2000px (wide) by 1200px (tall), it WILL regenerate. Yay!

What if I don't want to use high-res images on my site?

You only need to use a "high resolution" image for the featured image. And we're not talking very high resolution here – around 1000x1000px will cover most thumbnail sizes. All other images on your site (blog posts, pages, etc) can be as low quality as you want 😉