Vivienne - Alternate header option

By default, the header in the Vivienne theme displays inside the scrolling navigation menu at the top of the page:

The Vivienne theme also comes with an "alternate header" option, which repositions the header to display below the navigation bar:

How to use the alternate header

  1. In your Vivienne download file, open the folder called "Alternate Header Option."
  2. Inside that folder, you'll see a file called
  3. Upload onto your Themes page INSTEAD OF the normal child theme.
  4. To set your site title and tagline, go to Appearance > Customize > Site Identity.

Upload a custom logo

With the alternate header option, you can also upload a custom logo image in place of the site title/tagline:

The Vivienne theme supports a retina logo. The recommended logo size is 1100x450px. Your logo will display half that size on your actual website (550x225px). This “doubling” of the image dimensions ensures your logo displays beautifully across all devices. If you want to learn more about retina and why retina-ready logos are so important, please visit  this article.

  1. Go to Appearance > Customize > Header.
  2. Click Add New Image and upload your header image.
  3. Hit Save & Publish.