Charlotte - Import Widgets

There is a handy little plugin that will instantly load all of the widgets from the Charlotte theme demo right onto your site. It’ll save you tons of time and make your theme setup process a whole lot easier! Who doesn’t love easy? If you prefer to set up all of your widgets manually (you adventurous person, you!), instructions for every widget is provided in the Theme Documentation for your theme.

How to Import Widgets

  1. Before you import your widgets, be sure that you have installed and activated all of the recommended plugins for your theme.
  2. Go to Tools > Widget Importer and Exporter.
  3. Under Import Widgets, click Choose File.
  4. If you're using the BLOG version of the Charlotte theme, go to the Blog folder > Demo and select the charlotte-blog-widgets.wie file.
  5. If you're using the WEBSITE version of the Charlotte theme, go to the Website folder > Demo and select the charlotte-website-widgets.wie file.
  6. All the widgets from the demo will be imported to your Widgets page.