Magnolia - Blog Page Formats

The Magnolia theme offers two blog page configuration options – Grid Format and List Format. Here's how to set up each one:

Blog List Format

  1. Go to WordPress > Pages > Add New. Give your page a title, such as "Blog." Publish.
  2. Go to WordPress > Settings > Reading.
  3. Under Homepage Displays, select A Static Page.
  4. For the Home page, select Home.
  5. For the Posts page, select the Blog page you created. Save changes.

Blog Grid Format

  1. Follow the instructions here, then come back to this tutorial.
  2. Still in the page editor for your Blog page, find the Template section in the right sidebar and select "Blog – Grid."
  3. Publish the page.
  4. Go to WordPress > Settings > Reading and make sure there isn't anything selected for the Posts page (it should say "– Select –"). Save changes.