How to switch between 17th Avenue themes

If you're currently using a 17th Avenue Premium WordPress Theme and would like to switch to another one of our themes, this is the guide for you!

Before we begin, let's go over what will be COMPLETELY SAFE when you switch to a new theme:

  • Blog posts
  • Images
  • Comments
  • Pages
  • Navigation menus
  • Plugins and their content
  • Header/footer scripts in the Genesis theme settings

The things that MAY CHANGE when switching themes are:

  • Your homepage widgets
  • Navigation menu locations (depending on which themes you're using)
  • Size of featured images
  • Color customizations
  • Genesis theme settings
  • Genesis Responsive Slider settings, if applicable
  • Any changes you've made to your existing theme's Style.css file

Step 1: Remove Previous Widgets

Complete this step before uploading your new theme. If you're concerned about removing widgets from your live site, put up a temporary coming soon page.

Most of our themes use the same widget area names, which means if you switch to a different 17th Avenue theme, your previous widgets are going to transfer to your new theme. For the most part, you don't want this. It will make setting up your new theme more difficult.

So, the first step we recommend when switching themes is to go to Appearance > Widgets and remove ALL widgets from ALL of the widget areas. It's particularly important to remove widgets from the Front Page or Home widget areas, but removing as much as possible will make the setup for your new theme much easier.

Feel free to leave your social icons and sidebar photo widgets intact – you don't have to set those up from scratch in your new theme.

Step 2: Upload Your New Theme

Now it's time to upload your new 17th Avenue theme.

  1. Go to WordPress > Appearance > Themes.
  2. At the top, click “Add New,” and then click “Upload Theme” on the next page.
  3. Click Choose File. Select the child theme file that came inside your theme folder.
  4. Click Install Now and wait for the theme to install. Activate the theme.

Step 3: Install Recommended Plugins

Most of our newer themes have an easy plugin installer, so you can install all of the recommended widgets in just a few clicks. For a complete list of recommended plugins and instructions on using the installer, refer to the Theme Documentation for your theme. 

Step 4: Regenerate Thumbnails

Each 17th Avenue theme calls for different image sizes. You'll want to regenerate your thumbnails to ensure your images display correctly in your new theme.

Step 5: Import New Widgets

This step will set up your new theme with all of the homepage widgets from the demo. Don't skip this step – it will make theme setup go significantly faster!

How to import widgets  >

Step 6: Assign Your Navigation Menus

Most of our themes use the same navigation menu locations. But if you need to change where any of your menus are positioned in your new theme, go to Appearance > Menus > Manage Locations.

Step 7: Add your own content to the homepage

This will differ depending on which theme you have, so you'll want to refer to the Theme Documentation for instructions on adding your own content, images, etc to the homepage widgets.

Step 8: Everything else

The instructions for any other miscellaneous theme features – Instagram landing page, offscreen menu, contact page, etc. can be found in the Theme Documentation for your theme.


As always, if you have any questions, feel free to submit a support ticket and we'd be happy to help!