Mia - Import Fashion Demo

The Mia theme has three pre-built demos: Mia Travel, Mia Food, and Mia Fashion. This tutorial will show you how to import the Mia Fashion demo. Please note that your site doesn't have to be a Travel, Food, or Fashion blog to use the Mia theme — all the wording, images, colors, etc are fully customizable.

If you choose not to import the demo content, we do recommend importing the demo widgets from one of the three demos. It makes theme setup much easier. Once the demo widgets are imported, you can easily swap out your own images, text, etc.

How to Import the Fashion Demo

1. Before you begin, make sure that all of the required plugins are installed and activated. If you want to use the slider shown in the Mia Fashion demo, make sure the 17th Avenue Post Slider plugin is installed and active on your site.

2. Go to Appearance > Import Demo Data. Scroll down on the page to this section:

The demo content (step 3 below) includes the blog posts, interior pages, menus, portfolio, and products. If you have existing content on your site, DO NOT import the demo content. But if this is a new site, we highly recommend importing the demo content.

3. Under  Choose a XML File for Content Import, click Choose File. Navigate to your Mia theme file and go to Demo Content > Mia Fashion and select the mia-fashion-content.xml file.

The demo widgets (step 4 below) will import the entire homepage, plus the sidebar, footer widgets, and several other areas in your theme. We highly recommend importing the demo widgets, even if you have existing content.

4. Under  Choose a WIE or JSON File for WIdget Import, click Choose File. Go to Demo Content > Mia Fashion and select the mia-fashion-widgets.wie file.

5. Under  Choose a DAT file for Customizer Import, click Click Choose File. Go to Demo Content > Mia Fashion and select the mia-fashion-customizer.dat file.

6. Click Import Demo Data. It can take a few minutes for everything to import — don't close the page until the process completes.

7. Lastly, we'll add a bit of code to customize the appearance of the Fashion demo. Click here and copy the code. Go to WordPress > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and paste the code. Click Publish.



If your menus are displaying incorrectly after importing the demo content, go to Appearance > Menus > Manage Locations and assign a menu for the Primary Navigation Menu.

Content import errors

This applies only if you imported the demo content (step 3 above).

Import errors are very common, and usually nothing to worry about. After importing the demo content, go to Posts > All Posts and see if the demo posts successfully imported. If not, visit this article for help.

Removing demo content after importing

Click here for instructions on removing the demo content once you are ready to start adding your own content.