Mia - Homepage Setup

Please note that this image does not include the blog feed or footer elements that will also display on your homepage.

Before You Begin

We HIGHLY recommend importing the homepage widgets for your theme. You can choose to import the widgets from any of the three demos:

Importing the widgets will make theme setup go significantly faster, and you can skip most of this tutorial (it's the longest one!).

A note about the 3 demo options

The Mia theme has three different demos (Travel, Food, and Fashion). The ONLY differences between the three demos are:

Under the hood, the theme is the same for all three demos. That means that vast majority of the homepage setup is going to be the same no matter which homepage option you want to have.

Configure Reading Settings

For the homepage to display like the demo, make sure that your reading settings are configured correctly:

  1. Go to WordPress > Settings > Reading.
  2. Under Your Homepage Displays, select "Your Latest Posts."
  3. Click Save Changes.

Homepage Overview

The Mia homepage has six widget areas:

  • Front Page 1: 3 featured page images
  • Front Page 2: Newsletter signup
  • Front Page 3: Featured blog posts
  • Front Page 4: Affiliate shop widget
  • Front Page 5: Image and About Section
  • Front Page 6: 3 featured page images

Below we'll go over what is inside each of these widget areas. If you imported the demo widgets, all of the homepage widgets will already be set up for you, so all you'll need to do is fill in your own details! Easy peasy.

Front Page 1

Front Page 1 has three Genesis Featured Page Advanced widgets:

Configure as shown below:

Repeat the same configuration for the other two widgets.

Front Page 2

Configure the Genesis eNews Extended widget following this tutorial.

Front Page 3

Front Page 3 displays eight featured posts. Configure a Genesis Featured Posts widget as shown below:

Front Page 4

Click here for setup instructions for the product widget.

Paste button code beneath your product widget code:

<a class="button shop" href="YOUR PAGE LINK HERE">
	Shop All My Favorites &gt;

Front Page 5

Image size in the demo is 800x1200px.

You can copy this code HERE.

The three  <br/> at the beginning create additional space to move the text box down in relation to the image. If you want to use more text, remove a <br/> or two. If you want to use less text, you can add an additional <br/> so everything lines up nicely.

Front Page 6

Front Page 6 has three Genesis Featured Page Advanced widgets:

Configure as shown below:

Repeat the same configuration for the other two widgets.

The Custom HTML widget contains the "Keep Exploring" button below the 3 featured page widgets. If you'd like to copy/paste the button code, here it is:

<a class="button" href="YOUR PAGE LINK HERE">
	Keep Exploring &gt;