WordPress Settings Guide

Go to your WordPress dashboard > Settings > General. 

  1. Site Title - The name of your website. If you are not using a header/logo image on your site, this is what will display as your header. This is also what is shown as your site title in Google search results.
  2. Site Tagline - The tagline of your site, typically used as a short descriptor for what your site is about.
  3. WordPress Address (URL) - The URL of the WordPress directory where your core files are located (do not change).
  4. Site Address (URL) - The URL of your website (do not change).
  5. Email Address - Enter your email address here to receive notifications and allow you to reset your password.
  6. Membership - If you check this box, anyone can register an account on your site. Check this if you are selling e-commerce products or run a membership site.
  7. New User Default Role - The default role that is set when a new member is registered or created.
  8. Timezone - Sets local timezone for your site.
  9. Date Format - Changes how the date is displayed on your website.
  10. Time Format - Changes how the time is displayed on your website.
  11. Week Starts On - Select the weekday on which you want the WordPress calendar to start. The default is Monday.
  12. Site Language - Sets the language in your WordPress dashboard.