3-Column Footer

Your theme has an optional 3-column footer, which looks like this: (fonts/colors will vary by theme)

Setting up the 3-column footer

The 3-column footer is fully customizable, so you can put any widgets you'd like inside of the columns!

To add widgets, go to WordPress > Appearance > Widgets. Drag widgets from the left side of the page into Footer 1 (left column), Footer 2 (middle column), or Footer 3 (right column).

Widgets that work well in the 3-column footer

  • Navigation Menu widget (Browse the Blog in screenshot above)
  • Genesis eNews widget (Join the List in screenshot above)
  • Social media icons (Connect in screenshot above)
  • Categories widget
  • Archives widget
  • Search widget
  • Text widget (i.e. for a site disclosure)

Using a navigation menu in the footer

  1. Go to WordPress > Appearance > Menus. Click Create a New Menu.
  2. On the left, select the links you'd like to add to your footer menu. You can add pages, categories, custom links, etc. Once you're happy with your menu, click Save Menu.
  3. Go to WordPress > Appearance > Widgets. Drag a Navigation Menu widget into the footer area of your choice (Footer 1, Footer 2, or Footer 3) and select the menu you created. Save.