Harper - Customize the Colors

The Harper theme offers extensive color customization options. There are 50+ color controls available so you can fine-tune the theme to perfectly match your brand & vision!

To access the color customization panel, go to Appearance > Customize > Harper Theme Colors. The color settings are divided into 8 categories so you can easily find what area you're looking for.

Customizing the Front Page 1 "Half" Background

The WordPress Customizer doesn't support partial backgrounds. If you'd like to change the partial background that displays behind Front Page 1, use this code snippet:

.harper-home .front-page-1 {
    background: linear-gradient(0deg, #ffffff 56%, #f9f7f6 44%);

Paste the code at Appearance > Customizer > Additional CSS. Replace #f9f7f6 with your desired hex code. Be sure to leave the #ffffff hex code in place.