Genesis - How to change page layout

Each 17th Avenue theme comes with three layout options:

  1. Content, Primary Sidebar – Sidebar displays on the right
  2. Primary Sidebar, Content – Sidebar displays on the left
  3. Full Width Content – No sidebar

You are able to change the default page layout of your entire site, or change the layout of individual pages.

Change the default page layout

In your WordPress dashboard, go to Genesis > Theme Settings > Site Layout.

Click on the drop-down menu to select your default site layout. If you have your blog posts on the homepage, this will also affect that area.

Click Publish to save your changes.

Change the page layout of an individual page

In your WordPress dashboard, go to the Pages tab and open the page on which you'd like to change the layout. You could also do this for your posts!

At the top right corner of your screen, click on the Genesis icon:

Once clicked, you'll see the Genesis options menu:

By default, the page or post will use whatever layout you have set in the Theme Settings (see previous section). If you want an individual page to have a different layout than the default, select the layout you would like to use, and then click Update or Publish to save.