Related posts

The related posts section (usually called "You'll Also Love") displays beneath each blog post. Posts in this section are generated automatically based on the following criteria:

  • The related posts section first looks for posts that have tags in common.
  • If there are no common tags, common categories are used instead.
  • If there are no common tags OR categories, no posts are displayed.

Change related posts title

1. Go to Appearance > Theme Editor > Functions.php

2. Click inside the code box and click Ctrl+F to search (Command+F on Mac). Search Also Love.

3. You'll be taken to this section:

    // Display the related posts section.
    echo '<div class="related">';
    echo '<div class="wrap">';
        echo '<h3 class="related-title">You&#8217;ll Also Love</h3>';
        echo '<div class="related-posts-list" data-columns>' . $related . '</div>';
    echo '</div>';
    echo '</div>';<br>

4. Locate this text:  You&#8217;ll Also Love

5. Replace that text with your preferred text (i.e. "Related Posts" or "Posts You May Like"). Be sure to keep your text between the > and < symbols.

Remove related posts

If you'd like to remove the related posts section entirely, here are instructions:

1. Click here and copy the code.

2. Go to WordPress > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS.

3. Paste the code in the box, and then click Publish to save.