Genesis - Using videos instead of featured images

If you'd like to use videos instead of featured images on your website, this is the tutorial for you! You'll be able to link videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or videos you host yourself.

How to use a video in place of a featured image

1. Install and activate the Genesis Featured Videos plugin.

2. Create a new post or click Edit on an existing post.

3. Look to the right side of the post editor and find Post Format in the Status & Visibility section.

4. Next, open a new tab and find the video that you would like to use for the post. Copy the URL to the video. For example,

5. Go back to the post editor. Look to the right bottom side of your screen and find the Genesis Featured Video section.

6. Paste your video URL in the box. Click Update to save your post. All done!

Changing the display size for featured videos

Go to Genesis > Featured Video to set the width, height, and display position of your featured videos.

Using featured videos in Genesis Featured Posts widgets

If your theme has a custom homepage that uses the Genesis Featured Posts widget, and you want your featured videos to display in those sections, here's what to do:

1. Go to Appearance > Widgets.

2. Remove all the Genesis Featured Posts widgets and replace with the "Featured Posts with Video" widget.

3. Configure all settings the same as the previous Genesis Featured Posts widget, and then tick the box that says "Show Featured Video."