Chanel - Instagram widget setup

1. Install and activate the Instagram Feed plugin.

2. Go to the “Instagram Feed” tab at the bottom left of your dashboard.
3. First, you will need to connect the plugin to your Instagram account. Click the “Log in and get my Access Token and User ID” button.
4. Log into your Instagram account and follow the prompts. It’ll bring you back to the settings page in your dashboard, where you will see your Access Token and User ID.
5. Paste your Access Token and User ID in the designated boxes. Save changes.

6. Click the “Customize” tab at the top. Configure the following settings: (leave all other settings the same)
  • Number of Photos: 9
  • Number of Columns: 9
  • Padding around Images: 0
  • Uncheck "Show the Header"
Load More Button
  • Uncheck "Show the Load More button"
Follow Button
  • Uncheck "Show the Follow button"
7. Click Save Changes.
8. Go to Wordpress > Appearance > Widgets. Drag a Custom HTML widget into the   Full Width Footer Area.
9. In the text box, paste the following shortcode, and then save.