Couture - Homepage featured post

The Couture theme displays your first blog post at the top of the homepage. Below are instructions for implementing this feature.

1. In your Wordpress dashboard, go to Appearance > Widgets.

2. On the left, find the Genesis Featured Posts widget. Drag the widget into the Homepage Featured Blog Post widget area.

3. Configure the settings as seen below. If you imported your widgets, you can skip configuring all these settings (yay!)

These are the settings you need to change, the rest can stay at their defaults:

  • Tick "Show Featured Image" box
  • Image size: home-featured (1000x9999)
  • Tick "Show Post Info" box
  • Change content of post info field to [post_date] [post_comments]
  • Content type: Show Content Limit
  • Limit content to 370 characters