Couture - Instagram Feed

1. Install and activate the Instagram Feed plugin.

2. Go to the “Instagram Feed” tab at the bottom left of your dashboard.
3. You'll first need to connect the plugin to your Instagram account. Click the “Connect an Instagram Account" button.

4. Log into your Instagram account. Follow the prompts to allow the plugin access your images.

5. Next, click the “Customize” tab at the top of the Instagram settings page. Configure the following settings:

  • Number of Photos: 6
  • Number of Columns: 6
  • Padding around Images: 0
  • On the rest of the Customize page, uncheck ALL the checkboxes. Click Save Changes.
6. Go to WordPress > Appearance > Widgets. Drag a Custom HTML widget into the   Instagram Footer Area.
7. Give the widget a title, i.e. "Instagram"
8. In the text box, paste the following code.
<div> <a href="URL TO INSTAGRAM PROFILE"> @yourusername </a></div>  [instagram-feed] 

9. Replace URL TO INSTAGRAM PROFILE with the URL to your profile (i.e.

10. Replace yourusername with your Instagram username. Save.