Gather - Social Media Icons

Useful tips

A “social profile link” is the direct URL to your profile on Facebook, Twitter, etc. To obtain your social profile link, visit your public profile in your browse and copy the URL from the address bar.

You must use a complete URL when setting up your icons, meaning your URL should include    http:// and look something like this: If you only use "," you will get a page error when you click on the icon.

Linking your Icons

  1. In your theme download file, go to the Custom Codes folder and open the “social-icons” file. This is an editable document where you’ll be connecting each social icon to your social profiles.
  2. Inside the file, you will see several spaces that say YOUR FACEBOOK LINK or YOUR TWITTER LINK. Paste the URLs of your social profiles to replace these text markers.
  3. Be sure that you keep everything around your link the exact same, including the quotation marks. Sample code: <a href=””>
  4. After you have added all of your links, highlight the code in social icons document and copy it.
  5. Go to Appearance > Widgets in your Wordpress dashboard. Drag a Custom HTML widget into the Primary Sidebar widget area.
  6. Paste your code in the text box. Save.

Icons not displaying correctly?

If your icons are not displaying or linking correctly, please see  this article