Audrey - "Featured In" homepage section

Audrey displays a Featured In section on the homepage, which looks like this:

To make this section "portable" (meaning it can be moved to any widget area on the homepage), this section uses HTML code instead of image widgets. It's not as complicated as it looks! Let's get started.

Sourcing images

To find images to use in this section, do a Google image search for the company/website you were featured in. You're looking for a logo, so a good search term would be "Company Name + transparent png logo" (i.e. "Huffpost transparent png logo").

It's very important that the image you find is transparent (no background). Transparent images in Google search typically have a checkered background behind them to indicate transparentness.

Adding the images to the Featured In widget

Once you've found an image you'd like to use, you have 2 options:

  1. Option 1: The quick method — Copy the image file URL of the image right on Google (right click > Copy Image Address) and paste it into the Custom HTML widget. You're done.
  2. Option 2: The much better method — Save the image, resize it to a smaller size, upload it into your Media Library, and then paste the link to the image in the Custom HTML widget. This has 2 benefits: you're resizing the image so it's not as large, which will save page load time. It is also best practice to host images on your own website instead of linking to external images.

Option 1

This option is explained above and should be pretty straightforward. Just replace the image link following img src=" with your new image link.

Option 1 looks like this with links in place:

If you'd like to copy/paste this code, click here.

Option 2

1. Find your image(s) and save them to your computer.

2. Resize all of the images (in an image editing program) to around 500px wide. Doing this can dramatically increase the load time of your homepage, since the page won't have to load full-size images as option 1 does.

3. Upload the images in your WordPress dashboard at Media Library > Add New.

4. Click on one of the images. A window will pop up containing details about the image:

5. Copy the link under "Copy Link."

6. Go to Appearance > Widgets > Front Page 8 > Featured In (Custom HTML widget).

7. Select an image link following img src=" and paste your new image link to replace it. Be sure that your image link is being placed BETWEEN the quotation marks.

8. Repeat steps 4 through 7 the four other images.

Option 2 looks like this with links in place:

If you'd like to copy/paste this code,  click here.