Demo content failed to import

Why do import errors occur?

First, import errors VERY common. It is actually expected that you will receive some demo import errors! Import errors most often are due to plugin content.

Why plugin content? — We strongly recommend installing all recommended plugins prior to importing the demo content. However, our themes also have a small number of optional plugins. Examples are WooCommerce, Genesis Simple FAQ, and recipe plugins. Since most theme users don't need these plugins, they are strictly optional and aren't included in the plugin installer.

But, the demo content you are importing still includes all the optional plugin content. As an example, if you haven't installed WooCommerce, you will receive import errors for all of the WooCommerce products. Any errors for plugin-related content can be ignored.

But what if my content didn't import at all?

This is also fairly common. The WordPress Importer plugin can be very fickle.

Let's break it down:

  • The demo content for our themes includes the images shown in the theme demo.
  • Certain websites have trouble importing all of the demo images at once.
  • The websites that have issues importing the images have a low MEMORY LIMIT. Memory limit = how much content can be installed/executed at once on a website. The memory limit is usually set by your host.
We've found that Bluehost sets the lowest memory limit of any host. This is one reason we love & recommend SiteGround!

Now, take a look at that screenshot above. Notice the "All done. Have fun!" line at the bottom:

  • If you imported the demo content and DID NOT SEE THAT LINE, your content did not import successfully. See the next section.
  • If you imported the demo content, saw some errors, and DID SEE THAT LINE, your content did import successfully. Do not try to re-import the demo content. We repeat: Do not try to re-import the demo content. You will have duplicate content on your site.

So, my memory limit is low... now what?

It's time for a workaround! Yay!

This workaround will allow you import the images from the demo. Please note that this is optional; it is very possible to set up the theme without the demo images.

Additionally, it is important to remember that demo images are for SETUP PURPOSES ONLY. Demo images cannot be used on your live website.

As mentioned above, if you are importing the demo content and did not get the "All done. Have fun!" line, here's what to do:

  1. Follow this tutorial for importing the demo content, but DO NOT check the "Download and Import File Attachments" box. That will make it so the images are not imported, which is the most memory-intensive portion of the demo content. That should allow all the other content to import successfully, like posts, pages, and menus.
  2. Next, find your theme name below and click on it to download the file. This is an export file containing ONLY the images for your theme.
  3. Upload the file following the same instructions as the normal demo content. This time, DO check the box that says "Download and Import File Attachments."
Doing this will import the images separately from the rest of the content. This method works 95%+ of the time to import the images, unless you have an exceptionally low memory limit. If some of the images imported and some didn't, you can import the images again.

Demo Image Files

Referenced above, here are the links to download the demo images for each theme.

Premium WordPress Themes:

Simple WordPress Themes: