Genesis - What are flexible widgets?

In our Premium WordPress Themes, the homepage layout is built with widget areas. You'll recognize the widget areas by their numbered names: Front Page 1, Front Page 2, Front Page 3, and so on.

Each widget area is "flexible," which means that the widget area changes layout depending on how many widgets are inside that area! Here's how it works:

  • 1 widget inside a widget area = 1 column
  • 2 widgets inside a widget area = 2 columns
  • 3 widgets inside a widget area = 3 columns
  • 4 widgets inside a widget area = 1 full width column + 3 columns
  • 5 widgets inside a widget area = 2 columns + 2 columns + 1 full width column
  • 6 widgets inside a widget area = 3 columns + 3 columns
  • And so on...

This flexible widgets feature allows for the unique column layouts you see on the homepage.

Removing the flexible widgets feature

If you would like to remove the flexible widgets feature from your theme, we'll show you how below. Keep in mind that any column layouts currently in use on your homepage will stack one on top of another with the flexible widgets removed.

1. Go to Appearance > Theme Editor > front-page.php.

2. Click your cursor inside the code box, and press Ctrl+F to search (Command+F on Mac).

3. Type flexible-widgets into the search box.

4. The flexible-widgets class will be highlighted in several areas of the file. Depending on your theme, you'll see between 3 and 10 instances of the fleixble-widgets class. DELETE each instance of flexible-widgets. Be sure to only delete the exact text of flexible-widgets and nothing else.

5. Click Update File to save. Flexible widgets have now been disabled!