Colors not changing correctly in the Customizer

If you've changed your colors inside the Theme Customizer and the colors haven't changed in the way you expected, it's typically a very easy fix! Let's get started.

Before we begin...

As a general rule of thumb, if you're changing any of the colors inside the Customizer, it's best to change ALL the color settings to something other than the default color.

Here's why. When the default color is kept in some areas and the color changed in others, the colors that have been changed can sometimes override areas that have not been changed. Changing the default color to something different will ensure this does not occur. We see this most often with the Links and the Buttons, which we'll go over below.

What if I want to keep the default color for a particular setting?

If the default color is black and you want to keep it black, you can use #000000 or #111111 (depending on what your theme default already is).

If the default color is white (#ffffff) and you want to keep it white, you can use #fffffe.


If you change the Link Color, be sure to change both the Link Color AND the Link Hover Color settings:


When changing the Button colors, be sure to change all ALL 4 button color settings to something other than the default color:

Doing this will ensure the buttons display correctly in every area of your site.