Errors on the Widgets page

In WordPress 5.8, a new block-based Widgets page was introduced. This Widgets page is brand new, not super user friendly, and we don't currently recommend using it.

Additionally, block widgets are not backwards-compatible with many classic WordPress widgets, such as Search and Recent Posts. What that means is that if the block-based Widgets page becomes enabled on your site, you'll likely see errors for some widgets on your Widgets page:

How to disable the block-based widgets page

Genesis 3.3.4+ automatically disables the block-based widgets page for you. If you're seeing the block-based widgets page on your site, your first step should be to make sure that you are updated to the latest version of the Genesis Framework. Most of the time, an outdated version of Genesis is the cause.

If you're already updated to Genesis 3.3.4+ and you're still seeing the block-based widgets page, here are a couple other things to check: 

  • Go to Plugins > All Plugins. Look for a plugin titled "Gutenberg." This plugin is experimental and should never be running on a live website. If you have this plugin installed, deactivate it.
  • [Uncommon] Genesis offers a code snippet that you can add to your theme to enable the block widgets manually. If you remember doing this, remove that code (link) from your Functions.php file.

Widgets not appearing correctly after disabling block-based widgets

Unfortunately, switching from the block-based widgets page to the classic widgets page can sometimes cause some of your widgets to be removed. We always, always recommend updating Genesis prior to updating WordPress for this reason (learn more here). If you lose any of your widgets, you have two options:

  1. Manually set up the missing widgets again as non-block-based widgets. Refer to your theme documentation for the manual widget setup instructions.
  2. Or go through and delete all of your widgets, then re-import the demo widgets.

Leftover block widgets

You may have some "leftover" block widgets in your sidebar after disabling the block-based widgets page. If you see any widgets in your Primary Sidebar that say "block", open them and delete them.