Kadence - Change theme colors

To change the colors in your theme, navigate to Appearance > Customize > Colors & Fonts > Colors.

Under Global Palette, you can select your new colors. You can either replace all of the colors with your own, or replace some and leave others. It's also fine for colors to repeat within the palette. Please note that the position and order of colors is very importantclick here to learn more about how to properly use the Kadence Global Palette.

Below is an example of the Global Palette in our Savannah theme:

Note: If there are any areas in your theme that do not change  (i.e. a certain section on a certain page) after changing the colors in the Global Palette, a custom color may have been set for a specific block. You can change its color directly in the block settings.

Alternate Color Palettes

Kadence supports two alternate predefined color palettes, which can be found at Appearance > Customize > Colors & Fonts > Colors. Below is an example of an alternate palette in our Savannah theme:

You can click "Palette 2" or "Palette 3" to access the alternate color palettes. Feel free to edit these palettes!