Savannah - Cookie notice bar

1. Install and activate the Cookie Notice & Compliance for GDPR plugin.

2. Once installed, go to your WordPress dashboard > Cookies.

Note: Skip any prompts that ask you to upgrade or sign in. The cookie notice bar shown in the demo uses the free/basic version of the Cookie Notice plugin.

3. Change the following settings:


If you'd like to use the text from the demo, replace the message field with:

<i class="far fa-comment-dots"></i> We use cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using our website, you accept our <a href="LINK TO PRIVACY POLICY PAGE">use of cookies</a>.

Replace LINK TO PRIVACY POLICY PAGE with the link to your privacy policy page, i.e.

This text is fully customizable — feel free to change it to whatever you need! If you'd like to remove the icon, remove this portion at the beginning: 

<i class="far fa-comment-dots"></i>

Button Text - Change to "Accept"

Text Color - Change to #424B4E, or your preferred color

Bar Color - Change to #ffffff

4. Click Save Changes.