Kadence - Post author box

To enable or disable the author box, go to Appearance > Customize > Posts/Pages Layout > Single Post Layout. Scroll down until you find the "Show Post Author Box?" setting.

  • To enable the author box, switch the toggle to "on" (blue)
  • To disable the author box, switch the toggle to "off" (black and white)

Adding your image to the Author Box

See Gravatars for instructions from WordPress. Alternatively, use a plugin.

Customizing name, bio, & social icons

Go to Users > All Users and select a user to edit.

  • Name: To set the name ("Savannah" in the screenshot above), add your preferred name in the Nickname field. Then, select the Nickname under "Display name publicly as."
  • Occupation: To set the occupation ("Owner/Designer" in the screenshot above), add your text to the Occupation field under "Extra profile information for author box."
  • Bio: To add text to your bio, look for the Biographical Info field and add your text there.
  • Social icons: To link your social icons, find the "Extra profile information for author box" section. Add your social profile links to the appropriate fields.