How to add an affiliate disclosure to your posts

This article does not constitute legal advice. Please consult a legal professional if you have questions about FTC compliance.

An affiliate disclosure statement, displayed at the top of any blog post that contains affiliate links, is required by the FTC in the United States. You can learn more here.

There are a few ways you can add an affiliate disclosure statement to your posts:

  1. Add individually to each post
  2. Use a plugin
  3. Use a custom widget

1. Add Disclosure Statement Individually to Each Post

To add a disclosure statement to an individual post, add a paragraph block to the top of a post. Add your disclosure statement text to the block. If you'd like to save it as a reusable block that you can quickly insert into other posts, click here for instructions.

This is the most straightforward option, but the downside is your disclosure text will display in your post excerpts. The post excerpt is the text that displays in your blog feed as "preview text" for your post. To avoid your disclosure text displaying in your excerpt, use one of the other options below.

2. Add Disclosure Statement Using a Plugin

We recommend WP Affiliate Disclosure and Disclaimify.

3. Add Disclosure Statement Using a Custom Widget

Follow this tutorial. This is our favorite option – no plugin required, and does not display in the excerpt!