First steps with your new 17th Avenue Theme

Congratulations on your new theme! Your site is going to be looking fabulous in no time. :)

If you just purchased a theme and you're lost on what to do first, this article will walk you through the initial steps you need to take.

1. Install WordPress

Before you can install a WordPress theme, you will need to have three things:

Click each link for explanation & instructions.

2. Download Your Theme

After placing your order, you should have received a link to download your theme. Go ahead and download the theme. Files downloaded from a browser are usually saved in your "Downloads" folder.

If you purchased on our website, you can also download your theme anytime from Your Account.

3. Unzip Your Theme

Our themes come in what is called a "zipped file," which is essentially a collection of smaller files wrapped up in a single larger file.

Once you have downloaded your theme file, you will need to "unzip" the theme. If you're using a Mac, you can simply double click on the file to unzip it. If you're using a PC, you'll right click on the file and choose Extract All.

4. Install & Set Up Your Theme

This is the exciting part! It's time to install your theme and get your site looking beautiful.

Click "Theme Documentation" at the top of this site and select your theme name. To begin installing your theme, click on the first article and work your way down. We recommend working through the tutorials in order, especially the first 10 or so.

Need Help?

We are always here to assist if you run into any problems! Just submit a support ticket and we would be happy to help.