Full-width layout on post pages with sidebar on homepage

In Genesis-based themes, you can either:

  1. Set both the single post pages AND homepage to display full-width (no sidebar)
  2. Individually set each post to full-width (time consuming if you have a lot of posts)
Instructions for these two options >

How to change all posts to full-width & keep the sidebar on the homepage

By default, there is not a built-in way to make all of your posts full-width while keeping the sidebar on the homepage. If this is something you want to implement on your site, here's how:

1. First, go to WordPress > Genesis > Theme Settings > Site Layout and make sure the default layout is set to display a sidebar. This is what will display on your homepage.

2. Go to WordPress > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and paste the following code snippet:

.single-post .sidebar {
    display: none; }
@media only screen and (min-width: 1000px) {
.single-post .content {
    width: 900px;
    float: none;
    margin: 0 auto; } }
You can change the post width here by changing 900px to your desired width.

3. If you'd like to center the post title, you can add this snippet as well:

.single-post .entry-title,
.single-post .entry-header .entry-meta {
    text-align: center; }

4. Click Publish to save your changes.