Import Demo Content & Widgets

This tutorial will show you how to import the demo from your theme.

Demo content vs. demo widgets

Demo content is the blog posts, pages, and images from the demo. If you have existing content on your site, do NOT import the demo content.

Demo widgets are the sidebar and footer widgets from the demo. We DO recommend importing the demo widgets even if you have existing content. Importing the demo widgets will make theme setup go faster.

How to Import the Demo

1. Before you begin, make sure that all of the recommended plugins are installed.

2. Go to Appearance > Import Demo Data. Scroll down to this section:

3. Under  Select an XML file to import, click Choose File. Navigate to your theme file and go to the Demo Content folder. Select the demo-content.xml file.

4. Under Select a JSON/WIE file to import, click Choose File. Navigate to your theme file and go to the Demo Content folder. Select the {theme}-widgets.wie file.

{theme} will be your theme name. For example, margot-widgets.wie or ingrid-widgets.wie.

5. Click  Import Demo Data. It can take a few minutes for everything to import — don't close the page until the process completes.


If you receive a 500 "failed" error, increase your memory limit and try the import again.

If the import process completes but you see any content errors (i.e. image.jpg failed to import), these type of errors can be ignored. Proceed with the next step of setting up your theme.