What is the difference between a Premium and Simple Theme?

We offer two kinds of WordPress Themes in our shop:

But what do "Premium" and "Simple" mean?

All of our themes have the same core features, and we'll go over that below. For simplicity sake, the difference is:

  • Premium WordPress Themes have unique, eye-catching homepages and are packed with advanced features like related posts, portfolio page, e-commerce support, and more. Some of our Premium Themes are geared toward blogging and some are geared toward websites and businesses.
  • Simple WordPress Themes are straightforward blog themes. A blog feed + a sidebar. No frills or fancy features.

What you'll find in every 17th Avenue theme:

  • Block Editor (Gutenberg) optimization
  • Mobile responsive across all devices
  • SEO optimization
  • Automatic plugin installation + demo import
  • Custom logo/header with retina support
  • Customizable colors (Premium Themes have more color controls than Simple Themes)
  • At least 2 navigation menu locations
  • Category archive grid
  • Support for advertisements and affiliate links
  • Shop the Post widget integration (Premium Themes display these widgets in more creative ways)
  • Instagram Feed (Premium Themes display the Instagram feed in more creative ways)

What sets a Premium Theme Apart from a Simple Theme?

Here are some features in our Premium Themes that Simple Themes DO NOT have:

  • Uniquely designed homepage with up to 10 flexible widget sections — this is the biggest, most obvious difference
  • Can be used as a website, blog, or both
  • Bespoke accents and features lend a "custom-designed" feel
  • Prominent newsletter signup form and call-to-action
  • Custom Instagram links page (similar to Linktree, but hosted on your own website!)
  • Portfolio page/CPT
  • Several custom designed page templates – About, Blog, Contact, FAQ, Services, Shop, and more
  • Related posts section under each blog post
  • Recipe support in blog posts
  • E-commerce integration through WooCommerce
  • Advanced category grid with subcategory sort feature (certain themes)
  • Offscreen side menu that pops in when clicked (certain themes)
  • Pop-up post navigation to encourage visitors to read more posts (certain themes)
  • Trending Now / Popular Posts widgets (certain themes)
  • And many more little features that are specific to particular/individual themes

Which type of theme is best for me?

  • Simple Themes are great for casual bloggers who want a traditional blog layout: just a blog feed and a sidebar
  • Premium Themes are great for aspiring bloggers, influencers, business owners, shops, and anyone that wants a more unique site design beyond a blog feed and sidebar

Can I use a Premium Theme for a blog?

You certainly can! Our Premium Themes offer a lot of flexibility and ways to customize. Even if a theme's homepage is designed for a website or shop, it's very possible to modify/customize your homepage to better suit a blog. It's also possible to remove ALL the homepage widgets from a Premium Theme and have a simple blog feed + sidebar on the homepage. This is a good option if you like the layout of our Simple Themes but still want the additional features found in our Premium Themes.