Disable pin-it button on RewardStyle widgets

If you have a pin-it button installed on your site and you are using RewardStyle affiliate shopping widgets, you might notice that the pin-it button appears on top of the images in the affiliate widgets. This not theme related. It has to do with the way RewardStyle images are coded, which makes the images pinnable by the pin-it button plugin.

How to disable the pin-it button

1. Go to your WordPress dashboard > Settings > Jquery Pin It Button for Images.

2. Find the Disabled Classes section:

3. Copy the following and paste it in the Disabled Classes box (directly after nopin):

;shopthepost-widget img;shopthepost-widget;stpslide

4. Click Save Changes. Refresh your site to see the change. If you have a caching plugin installed, you may also need to clear your plugin cache.