Audrey - Alternate homepage options

Audrey has numerous homepage options so that you can make the theme unique to you and your site! In addition to being able to rearrange the homepage in any order you'd like, there are also widgets available for you to use that are not shown in the demo. We'll go over these below:

Important Info

The alternate homepage options in this tutorial are for use in any of the Audrey widget areas, except for Front Page 1. Front Page 1 has its own exclusive options. Click here!

3 Featured Page Images

To use this option, be sure to install the Genesis Featured Advanced plugin on your website before you begin.

This is a common feature in 17th Avenue themes, but Audrey does not display this feature in the demo. Fear not! 🙂 It's still available:

The widget area shown below is Front Page 10, but you could put the 3 featured pages in ANY of the Front Page widget areas (apart from Front Page 1).

The first widget is solely for the "Choose Your Own Adventure" title. The widget itself is empty. Please note that the title is OPTIONAL, so if you wanted the 3 featured pages section without a title, simply remove the Custom HTML widget.

Configure 3 Genesis Featured Page Advanced widgets as shown below:

Subscription/Newsletter widget

Audrey displays a newsletter section toward the bottom of the site. If you would like to display a subscription form higher up on your site, that's possible!

This is how the Genesis eNews widget will look when used inside any of the Front Page widget areas:

For instructions on configuring the Genesis eNews widget, click here. The Genesis eNews widget can be added to ANY Front Page widget area in Audrey. You get to choose where it goes!