What does "Gutenberg Optimized" mean?

Gutenberg is the new WordPress editor introduced in late 2018. This new editor completely changed the way you edit and publish posts in WordPress.

With the Gutenberg editor, all content is housed in "blocks." Think of blocks as pieces of content. Here are some examples of the most common blocks:

  • Paragraph block
  • Image block
  • Heading block
  • Button block
  • Gallery block
  • Columns block
  • And tons more!

Gutenberg Compatible vs. Gutenberg Optimized

Gutenberg Compatible means that EVERY 17th Avenue theme will work with the Gutenberg Editor. You'll be able to use all the available Gutenberg blocks.

Gutenberg Optimized means the following features have been added to the theme:

  • Support for wide and full width content blocks
  • Some block-specific CSS styling and spacing
  • Colors in the Gutenberg color picker match the theme colors
  • Fonts in the Gutenberg editor match the theme fonts on the front end

These are extra features and will mostly affect how you see the Gutenberg editor in the dashboard. There is no difference on the front end of your site.

Why are some themes not Gutenberg Optimized?

We've been updating all of our WordPress themes over the last year and a half to include Gutenberg Optimization and block styling. Most of our themes have been updated with Gutenberg Optimization, but a few have yet to be updated (Charlotte, Pippa, and Vivienne). These themes are scheduled to be updated in summer to fall 2020. Keep in mind that you can still use the Gutenberg editor in those themes, you just won't have the four extra features listed in the previous section.