Kadence - How to use the Block Collection

Your Kadence child theme comes with a custom Block Collection. A Block Collection is a library of all of the page layouts and individual sections that make up your theme. With the Block Collection, you can do things like:

  • Add a section from any page to any other page (i.e. from the Services page to the About page, or from the Category Index page to the Home page)
  • Restore a page or section to its original layout if you made a change that you aren't happy with
  • Create and design a custom page using individual sections from other pages
  • Add Shop the Post widgets to your blog posts
  • Add a Disclaimer block to your blog posts

Using the Block Collection

  1. To access the Block Collection for your theme, edit any page or post on your site.
  2. At the top of the editor, click "Design Library."
  3. Select your theme name at the top of the Library.
  4. Click on the preview image for any layout or section to add it to your page.

Block Collection Categories

The Block Collection is divided into several categories. The specific categories may vary slightly depending on your theme.

  • Complete Page Layouts – Full page layouts; should typically be added to new pages only.
  • Sections – Individual components within page layouts; can be added to any existing page.
  • Homepage – Full homepage layouts, as well as the individual sections that comprise all of the homepage variations in your theme.
  • Blog Layouts – The blog page layouts for your theme.
  • Shop the Post – The shop the post widgets included with your theme. You can add these to your blog posts and customize them with your own images, text, and links!


If the Block Collection is not loading or you're receiving an error, click the "Sync with Cloud" icon at the top of the Design Library window. This will fix most issues!