Kadence - What can I customize in Kadence?

Truly everything. Kadence is an incredibly powerful framework that gives you complete control of your website. With Kadence, you can easily:

  • Change all of the fonts
  • Select your own colors
  • Customize page layouts or create custom layouts using Kadence Blocks
  • Design and customize pages using a live page editor with zero code!
  • Modify the header and navigation layout using the Kadence Header Builder
  • Change the footer layout using the Kadence Footer Builder
  • Copy and paste sections from one page to another
  • Freely rearrange sections on any page
  • Customize your single posts – choose to include a featured image, related posts, author box
  • Fine tune margins, padding, borders, font sizes, letter spacing, line height, and more
  • Control tablet and mobile settings separately from desktop
  • Copious WooCommerce settings for a beautiful e-commerce store
  • And SO much more. Your website is your oyster with Kadence!