Kadence - Newsletter block

Note: This article applies to the newsletter blocks on pages only . If there are newsletter widgets in your sidebar or footer, refer to the "Sidebar" and "Footer" articles in your theme documentation.

Each 17th Avenue Kadence theme comes with a "Newsletter Block" widget area. This widget area can be found at Appearance > Widgets and is the first widget area you'll see on the Widgets page.

What is the Newsletter Block?

Your theme utilizes Genesis eNews Extended to display all of the newsletter signup forms on your site. Since this is a widget and widgets are not supported on pages, the Newsletter Block widget area allows you to set up your Genesis eNews widget once via the Widgets page and then display it on any page on your website!

How to use the newsletter block on a page

Go to Pages > All Pages and click Edit on a page where you'd like to add a newsletter signup form. There are a couple ways you can add a signup form:

1. Easy method: Use a pre-designed section

At the top of your page editor, click on the Design Library button. At the top of the Design Library, click on your theme name. Then select one of the included newsletter block styles. This will automatically insert a correctly configured shortcode needed to display the newsletter block.

2. Manual method

To manually add the newsletter block to a page, click the blue + icon at the top of your page editor. Search "Shortcode" and select the Shortcode block.

Inside the Shortcode block, add: [themename_newsletter]

Replace  themename with the name of your own theme:

  • Savannah: [savannah_newsletter]
  • Vivienne: [vivienne_newsletter]
  • Mia: [mia_newsletter]

How to configure Genesis eNews

Now that you've added the newsletter block to a page, it's time to actually link Genesis eNews to your mailing list provider! Here are instructions

Why use Genesis eNews?

This is a great question! We chose to use Genesis eNews in our Kadence themes to make things easy on you. Genesis eNews allows us to apply universal form styling, which will work for any mailing list provider that you link to Genesis eNews. This saves you from having to heavily customize your forms through your mailing list provider to try to match your theme. That is all taken care of you, giving you beautiful forms that match your site perfectly.

Can I use my own forms instead of Genesis eNews?

Absolutely! If you would prefer to create your own forms via your mailing list provider and add those forms directly to your pages, you are welcome to do so! Mailing list providers typically provide forms in HTML format. You can add HTML forms to any page using a Custom HTML block.

After Entry Newsletter

Some of our Kadence themes include an After Entry Newsletter widget area, which displays at the end of each post. View an example. To customize this widget, go to Appearance > Widgets > After Entry Newsletter. Follow the instructions above (How to Configure Genesis eNews) to link this widget to your mailing list provider. You're also welcome to replace this widget with an embedded form from your mailing list provider.