Kadence - Demo content failed to import

It's normal for the demo import process to take 5 to 10 minutes to fully complete. Don't exit the page until the import has completed. The import process is slower on lower quality hosts, and faster on higher quality hosts. On SiteGround (the host we recommend!), the import should only take a minute or two.

Bluehost Websites

Bluehost sites disproportionately struggle to import the demo content compared to other hosts. If you receive an error and you are using Bluehost, reach out to Bluehost support with the following message: "Please disable Cloudflare on my website and increase my WordPress memory limit to 512M." Once that is complete, try the import again. This is usually enough to import the demo.

Still having issues?

If you continue to receive an error message, deactivate all plugins on your site, apart from any plugins that are related to Kadence (i.e. Kadence Starter Templates and Kadence Blocks). Then run the import again.