Magnolia - Contact Page

Using the contact page

If you imported the demo content, the contact page is already set up for you! Go to the Pages tab in your dashboard and open the Contact page to fill in your own text and image.

Setting up the contact page

If you didn't import the demo content, here's how to set up the contact page in the Gutenberg editor:

  1. Make sure the Ninja Forms plugin is installed and activated.
  2. Go to Pages > Add New. Give your page a name, like Contact.
  3. Set the individual page layout to full-width.
  4. Add a Columns block.
  5. Inside the right column, add a Ninja Forms Block and select a contact form.
  6. Inside the left column, add a Heading Block add your text (in the demo, "Contact Magnolia").
  7. If you'd like to add the email and phone number box, add a Custom HTML Block and paste this bit of code.
  8. Add a Paragraph Block and fill in your text. Add an Image Block and select your image.
  9. You're all done! Click Publish or Update to save.