Import Demo Content

The demo content includes the blog posts, interior pages, menus, portfolio, and products. To import the homepage content and widgets, see here.

If there is no content on your site, we recommend importing the demo content so you can set up your website and get a feel for how all the features work. Be sure to import the demo content after your theme and recommended plugins are installed.

  1. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Tools > Import.
  2. Under WordPress, click Install Now. Wait for the WordPress Importer plugin to install, then click Run Importer.
  3. Click Choose File and select the demo-content.xml file in your theme file (located inside the “demo” folder).
  4. Click Upload File & Import.
  5. Assign the posts to your own username. IMPORTANT: Check the “download and import file attachments” box and then click Submit. The demo content is now imported.
  6. After importing the demo content, we recommend importing the widgets next!
It's very common to receive some "failed to import" errors for the images when importing demo content. After importing the demo content, go to Media > Media Library and see if the images successfully imported. If not, visit this article for help.

Removing demo content after theme setup is complete

When you're ready to begin posting your own content, click here for instructions on removing demo content.