Welcome to the 17th Avenue Support Center

17th Avenue is so thrilled to introduce a new support experience for our WordPress themes. We've been designing websites/themes & providing support for over 11 years and have gained so much insight along the way. We really tried to create a space that meets YOUR needs as a blogger/business-owner/superwoman, whether you are a novice or seasoned pro. Take a look around the site or continue reading for a detailed breakdown of all the features you'll find here!

Theme Documentation

"Theme Documentation" is a term for all of the necessary information, instructions, etc. that you'll need to set up your theme. Each of our WordPress Themes has its own Theme Documentation section filled with articles that will walk you through how to set up your theme.

Simply go here or click the Theme Documentation link at the top of this page. Select your theme name from the list of boxes. You will be taken to a page that looks like this:

To begin installing your theme, click on the first article and work your way down. You don't have to do everything in order, but we do suggest following the first ~8 articles in order. For example, the recommended plugins for your theme should always be installed before you import the demo content.


The Troubleshooting section on our support site addresses many common issues, quirks, and questions we are asked about regularly. There are four Troubleshooting categories on the left side of the page:

Most Common Issues - Pretty self explanatory, these are the issues that we are asked about most!

Quick Fixes - Easy fixes you can do on your own if something isn't quite right on your site.

Something is Missing - This category contains solutions if there is something missing from your site, such as page content or images.

Doesn't Look like the Demo - This category covers what to do if a part of your theme is not displaying as it should.

Kadence Troubleshooting - Troubleshooting tips specific to our Kadence themes.


The Tutorials section on our support site is chock-full of helpful tutorials for using WordPress, plugins, etc. There are three Tutorial categories on the left side of the page:

General WordPress Tutorials - Tutorials on how to use WordPress, including setting up navigation menus, using categories & tags, and much more.

Genesis - Tutorials - Tutorials & tips specific to our Genesis themes.

Genesis - Code Tweaks - Code tweaks allow you to customize your theme in many different ways, including changing font sizes, changing the appearance of your site title, and much more.

Kadence - Tutorials - Tutorials & tips specific to our Kadence themes.

Plugin Tutorials - Tutorials related to using and configuring plugins.

The Greatest Search Bar There Ever Was

There are a lot of tutorials and documentation on this site – over 500 articles! So if you ever have trouble finding what you're looking for, just click the 17th Avenue logo at the top left. That will take you to the front page where you can type your question into the search box. Even if you don't know the correct term for what you need, the search box will make its very best guess and try to get you to the right place.

Submitting a Support Ticket

If you've gone through the Theme Documentation, Troubleshooting, and Tutorials, and you're still having trouble, our support team is more than happy to help! You can submit a support ticket right here.