Pippa - Post-Installation Guide

This article is for customers who have purchased theme installation for the Pippa theme.

We just installed your theme on your site – you may be wondering,  now what? Below we'll go over the common questions we get post-installation, where you need to go to update things, and more. :)

Homepage - Post Slider

The image slider in the Pippa theme pulls images from your blog posts. To change the slider images, simply set new featured images for each of your recent posts.

By default, the slider on the homepage will display your most recent posts. If you would like to individually choose which posts display in the slider, click here for instructions.

Homepage - "Loving Lately" Shop Widget

To add your own affiliate shopping widget to this section, click here for instructions.

Homepage - "Browse By Topic" Buttons

To change the images in the Browse by Topic section, go to Appearance > Widgets > Front Page 4. Open the Genesis Featured Page widgets and you can select new images in the widget settings.  If you aren't able to save the widget after uploading a new image, click here.

The "Browse by Topic" title can also be changed in Front Page 4 in the first widget.

Offscreen Side Menu

The widgets in the offscreen menu can be edited at Appearance > Widgets > Offscreen Menu. The two menus inside the offscreen menu (Explore and Categories) can be edited at Appearance > Menus.

Additional offscreen menu instructions can be found here.

Shop the Post widgets

Click here for instructions on adding Shop the Post widgets to your site. To add Shop the Post widgets to your homepage underneath the Continue Reading button, follow the "Using the Custom Field" section on the instructions page.

Instagram Feed

If you did not provide your Instagram access token on your installation form, click here for instructions on linking your Instagram profile and configuring your feed as shown in the demo.

Instagram landing page

The link to your Instagram landing page is your website URL + /instagram. Example: https://yourwebsite.com/instagram

The Instagram landing page is very easy to update and change as needed. To add/change/remove menu items, go to Appearance > Menu > Instagram Menu. To edit anything else on the page (i.e. the social icons), go to Appearance > Widgets > Instagram Landing Page.

Complete instructions for the Instagram landing page can be found here.

Add, remove, or change social icons

Click here for instructions.

Sidebar photo and blurb

Click here for instructions on easily updating your sidebar photo.

Coming Soon Page

On your installation form, you were given the option to have a coming soon page installed on your site. To remove the coming soon page and launch your site, go to your WordPress dashboard > CMP Settings. Under CMP Status, select "Disabled." Save changes. Next, go to Plugins > All Plugins and delete the "CMP - Coming Soon Page & Maintenance" plugin.

Removing the demo content

Click here for instructions on removing the demo content from your site.

Learning WordPress

Are you new to WordPress and feeling a bit lost? We can help! Visit the 17h Avenue Video Library, which is filled with 30+ beginner-level WordPress tutorial videos. These tutorials will teach you how to manage your site, publish content, and give you the confidence you need to run a successful website.