I Installed my theme but it doesn't look like the demo

Premium Wordpress Themes

When you first install one of our Premium WordPress Themes on your site, it's going to look pretty empty. This is completely normal!

Before your site will display like the demo, you'll need to install recommended plugins, import the demo widgets, set up your navigation menus, etc.

The Theme Documentation for your theme will walk you through how to set up your site exactly like the demo, as well as how to add your own content. There isn't anything shown in the theme demo that the instructions don't cover!

Simple Wordpress Themes

The following advice  does not apply to our Premium WordPress Themes.

If your site looks a little wonky after installing your theme, it usually means you have some widgets in the wrong place. Go to Appearance > Widgets in your dashboard. Open the Header Right widget area and remove any widgets in that area.

If you want your blog posts to display on the front page, also make sure that you don't have any widgets in any of the "Home" widget areas on your Widgets page. These areas are there if you want to use a static homepage on your site and have your blog posts on a separate page. If widgets are present in your Home widget areas, it will prevent your posts from displaying on the front page.

The rest of the setup instructions for your theme including the header, sidebar widgets, etc. can be found in the Installation Manual PDF provided with your theme.