Custom Category Pages

Several of our Premium WordPress themes include custom category pages. Here are examples of the custom category pages in some of our themes:

How to set up custom category pages like the demo

It's super easy! Custom category page (as shown in the demo) are automatically set up for any categories you create, along with any existing categories already on your site. 

To create a new category, go to your WordPress dashboard > Posts > Categories. Further instructions for how to create/use categories can be found here.

When you create a new category, that category's page will automatically be formatted like the demo. All of your existing categories will also be automatically formatted like the demo after you install the theme.

How to add a title and description to category pages

Click here for instructions on adding a title and description to category pages.

How to add categories to a navigation menu

Click here for instructions on adding your categories to a navigation menu.

Learn more about categories

New to WordPress and unsure of what categories are/what they are used for? We have a few articles about categories on our support site!

Troubleshooting & Tips

If your images are displaying at the wrong size

If the images on your category pages are displaying at "inconsistent" sizes, you'll need to regenerate your thumbnails.

If some of your images are still not displaying correctly after regenerating your thumbnails, those images likely not large enough to be resized – see this article.

Changing the category image size

If you would prefer to use a different image size on the category pages (i.e. square or horizontal images), click here for the tutorial.

Change the number of posts on category pages

Click here for instructions on changing the number of posts per page on your category pages.